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Stock Code: NV818BLACK

Casey Nova Mosquito Killer LED Lamp Black Retail Box 1 year warranty

Price: R 129.00

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Casey Nova Mosquito Killer LED Lamp Black Retail Box 1-year warranty
Product Overview:
Ideal for Kids and Pets - Our Electronic Mosquito Trap Is 100% Safe for Humans and Pets, As It Contains No Chemicals, Emits No Radiation, and Is Entirely Non-Toxic. Unlike Other Similar Products, You Won’t Have to Worry About Weird Smells or Noise, And Your Kids Will Have A Much Healthier Environment. This Amazing Device Is Entirely Safe for The Whole Family. User Friendly - This Practical Indoor Bug Trap Is Extremely Easy to Use for Everybody. Mosquito Killer Trap Can Connect to Any Device with An USB Port or A Regular Adapter (Not Included), While the UV Trap Lamp Which Comes with A light-controlled Sensor Which Closes and Shuts Down During the Day and Night Time, Depending on Your Preferences.
Easy to Clean
Say Goodbye to Unhygienic Devices That Can Never Be Properly Cleaned. This State-Of-The-Art Insect Trapper Comes with A Buckle Design Which Removes Easily for Regular Cleansing and Washing.
Portable to Carry
This Mosquito Zapper Comes in A Practical Design, The Small Dimensions Allowing You to Carry It Anywhere You Need It. Its Compact Shape And 20-40m Range of Use Are Excellent in Terms of Transportability Options.
Working Conditions
Living Room, Bedroom, Restaurant, Hotel, Office, or Outdoor Environments If You Have A Power Bank.
• Stock Code: NV818BLACK
• Description: Casey Nova Mosquito Killer LED Lamp Black
• USB powered (cable included)
• Safe and non-toxicEasy to use
• Energy-saving easy to clean
• Fan suction and LED light: designed with strong suction fan and advanced LED light source, effective for luring mosquitoes and sucking them into the lamp
• Please note: The mosquitoes are not immediately killed but trapped in the compartment and therefore can escape when opened. Allow time for them to die. It is recommended to leave the fan running to dehydrate the mosquitoes.
• Strong suction
• Safe to use
• No radiation or harm to your body.
• Power supplied by USB ports - it can connect to any USB device such as a computer, power bank, laptop, USB adapter.
• Lightweight and portable.
• Retail Box
• 1-year warranty
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