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Stock Code: KEC201

Bennett Read Grill Boss 180° Griller and Sandwich Press Retail Box 1 year warranty

Price: R 949.00

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Bennett Read Grill Boss Retail Box 1 year warranty

Delicious, healthy grilling

The Bennett Read Grill Boss is no ordinary griller. It’s an all-in-one sandwich press, grill & electric barbeque system, with healthy oil-draining design. Packed with features to easily prepare scrumptious grilled sandwiches & paninis, sizzling steak, seared chicken, fish, boerewors & chops. It even bends over backwards to make your life easier!

Opens 180 degrees
Double your surface area by opening the Bennett Read Grill Boss completely, creating 2 flat griddles for searing steaks, succulent chicken breasts or delicious boerewors.

Healthy cooking
Convenient, easy-to-use, large drip tray catches all the oil run-off so you can enjoy tasty, healthier meals.

Non-stick, double-time cooking
Superior-quality, durable, non-stick GraniteTech coating for effortless cooking & cleaning. The Bennett Read Grill Boss grills from both sides when closed, cooking in half the time!

Controlled heat
Adjustable temperature dial for controlled cooking. Plus centralized floating hinge for evenly spread pressure & heat distribution when closed.

• The ultimate 180° griller and sandwich press
• Opens to a flat double griddle
• Cooks in half the time
• Adjustable temperature
• Floating hinge for even down-ward pressure
• Non-stick
• Oil catchment tray
1 to 1 of 1 items
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